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Interviews at the 2016 NECCF Conference & Expo with Linda Harden, President and Publisher of the monthly contact center management journal, Contact Center Pipeline.

Executive Talk Interview with Kathleen Peterson

Kathleen Peterson is Chief Vision Officer for PowerHouse Consulting. Kathleen shares her insights on contact center strategies that help promote and elevate our “power” within our organizations. She explains our opportunities, our “currency” we collect in our centers, why we are an asset and how we have the right to have a seat at the table. What a unique opportunity this interview offers for us to hear Kathleen’s passion and experiences to elevate our careers and centers.

Executive Talk Interview with James J. White, Senior Vice President and Director, Consumer Loans, Cards & Collection Services at Santander.

Interviews at the 2015 NECCF Conference & Expo with Linda Harden, President and Publisher of the monthly contact center management journal, Contact Center Pipeline.

New-hire Training and Call Center Attrition Rates
Stacey Swim, Contact Center Manager, Unum, describes new-hire training program and its impact on center’s attrition rates.

Driven by customer’s needs and desires
Mark Kantor, Lego Operations Support Team Lead, describes how his day is driven by the customer needs and desires.

Changing atmosphere and new challenges for call centers.
Michael Pace, Owner and Principal of The Pace of Service, shares his views on our changing atmosphere and where he sees new challenges for call centers.

Moving a call center from an expense center to a revenue center
JoAnn Morency, founding board member for the NECCF and Senior Vice President and Director of Retail Banking at Commerce Bank describes why the NECCF was started and how they have changed their call center from an expense center to a revenue center.

Ensuring the “right” fit and the “right” outcome
Kristi Holcombe, Director of Workforce Management at Travelers, describes how ideas, processes and technology solutions must fit your organization and customer base to ensure the “right” fit and the “right” outcome.


Creating a Culture of Engagement_PDF - Presented by Andrea Forsht, Director of Employee Engagement at DentaQuest

How the World’s Best Contact Centers Utilize Technology to Engage Agents and Deliver Unmatched Customer Service- Presented by our exclusive sponsor Serenova

Developing Leaders Around You - Presented by Diane Cole of The Maxwell Team


Back Stage at the Customer Experience- Presented by Kathleen Peterson, Powerhouse Consulting

Anti-Fraud Strategies: Who's Calling? - Presented by Chris Adomaitis, Adapt

Hands On Operational Risk Management Workshop for Your Contact Center - Presented by Michael Pace, The Pace of Service


Focusing on Millennials? You're Doing it Wrong - LEGO

Managing Your Customer Experience Signals - Boston Globe Media

Re-Imaging the Customer Experience - Aspect


Support Point Tufts Health Plan Case Study  - Panviva


Consumer Engagement 2020 - Aspect
Journey Mapping Best Practices - Lori Carr & Associates
Customer Experience Metrics  - Lori Carr & Associates
Citrix Case Study  - Lori Carr & Associates
How Journey Mapping is driving Porche’s success  - Lori Carr & Associates
Unlocking the Power of Customer Loyalty - Diane Durkin
Strategic Business Growth - Diane Durkin
7 Steps to a Great Customer Interaction - Diane Durkin


The Connecticut Chapter of HDI

SWPP – Society of Workforce Planning Professionals


Contact Center Pipeline – Call Center Publication
Contact Center Information Website - CRMXchange


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